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A financial services company you can trust

Making gold trading accessible and affordable for everyone on a secure online platform

Everest Gold is a fintech company working to make gold trading and investment affordable and convenient for retail investors. We leverage technology to develop a world-class investment app where you can buy and sell gold 24/7 online, based on competitive global prices.

Our app is packed with features that are simple enough for beginners, and comprehensive for experienced traders. After all, we want as many people as possible to have access to invest in gold, and make it part of one’s investment portfolio.

In the near future, we plan to add more investment products to the platform, so you have access to a diversified suite of products.

We are regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Law and subjected to the Precious Stones and Precious Metals Act 2019 (License number PS20190001500).

What We Stand For

Integrity and trust

Ensuring the safety of your investment is one of our key priorities. That is why integrity is the foundation of what we do as individuals and as a company.

Fairness and transparency

We strive to build trust by offering you a fair and transparent trading platform. This means you can trade gold with peace of mind knowing that the prices reflected are competitive. What’s more, you enjoy zero transaction fees and there are no hidden costs to worry about.


We believe in continuous improvement and are working hard to deliver an even better online platform with more products in the near future. Technology and innovation will drive us forward in what we do.


We are a team comprising tech wizards, financial engineers and business leaders working together to create the future of digital gold trading in Asia and beyond. Diversity is our strength. We tap on each other’s strengths to innovate and create.


When you trade on the Everest Gold investment app, your gold investment is fully insured. The physical gold you own is secure at the Malca-Amit vault in Singapore. What’s more, an independently appointed firm conducts periodic audits on our operations and assets annually to ensure the safety of your investment.

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