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Contra trading Singapore

If you are exploring investment options, Contra Trading Singapore might be one avenue worth considering. Contra trading is a type of transaction where investors borrow funds from their brokerage firms to purchase securities, aiming to make a profit from the difference between the selling price and the purchase price. The Singapore Stock Exchange and other financial sectors are open to Contra Trading. But before you jump in, here are some key considerations, benefits and risks attached to Contra Trading Singapore.

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What is Contra Trading?

Contra Trading, also known as speculative trading, is a tactic where investors carry out purchase and sale transactions in securities. It allows investors to trade stocks through borrowed funds or credits from a brokerage firm to hold positions for a short term (typically one to two days) at an interest rate range of 4% to 6% per annum. This permits investors to take part in the stock exchange with minimal capital and still earn substantial returns. Contra trades are usually of a trading volume that is more than the investor’s available funds in their account. Therefore, the trader borrows funds or securities from the brokerage to complete the transaction.

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Benefits of Contra Trading Singapore

Contra Trading in Singapore comes with its benefits, and they include:

1. Higher Profit Margins

Contra Trading allows investors to purchase securities with borrowed funds, which in turn enables them to purchase more shares, turning significant profits in case of favourable market conditions.

2. Take advantage of Market fluctuations

Contra Trading Singapore benefits investors to take advantage of market price fluctuations, providing opportunities for quick profits. The money borrowed from the brokerage firm increases the transaction’s capacity, and the short time frame means they can profit from short-term fluctuations.

3. Low Initial Investment

Contra Trading Singapore requires margin trading, enabling investors to trade with a low initial investment compared to traditional investment options.

4. Trade Flexibility

Compared to long-term investments, Contra Trading Singapore enables traders to make quick decisions and enter or exit positions at any time. It is a more flexible option that provides traders with ample opportunities to take advantage of returns from different stocks.

Risks of Contra Trading Singapore

Contra Trading Singapore also poses risks to investors, and they include:

1. Higher Financial Liability

Contra Trading’s increased trading volume and high-profit margins also increase the investor’s financial liability in the stock market. This is because the investor must pay back the borrowed funds and interest, regardless of whether the transaction is successful or not.

2. Quick Losses

Contra Trading Singapore’s flexible and fast-paced nature makes it a high-risk investment option. Traders may lose substantial money if the market moves against their position.

3. Limited Trading Time

Contra Trading Singapore allows investors to trade for a significantly shorter time frame than other investment options. This limits the ability to keep track of the stocks and their investments over more extended periods.

4. High Leverage

Contra Trading Singapore requires a high level of leverage to initiate trading, and that can lead to substantial losses if the trades do not pan out as expected.


What is the average minimum amount required for Contra Trading in Singapore?

The minimum amount required for Contra Trading Singapore is SGD 5,000, and every trade must carry at least 10% cash or collateral.

How much interest must I pay for Contra Trading in Singapore?

The interest rate for Contra Trading Singapore hovers around 4% to 6% per annum.

What happens if there is a shortfall in my account during a Contra Trading?

If the account falls under the minimum maintenance level, the brokerage firm can complete the order to liquidate the investment.

What stocks can I trade with Contra Trading Singapore?

Contra Trading Singapore offers a broad range of stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange, subject to regular updates and changes.


Contra Trading Singapore presents an opportunity for investors to gain substantial short-term profit margins when done correctly. As a beginner, it is imperative to note the risks of trading and to explore alternative investment options before jumping into Contra Trading Singapore. With the right knowledge and a robust trading plan, investors can take advantage of the stock market and gain significant returns in Contra Trading Singapore. Remember that research, risk management, and patience are crucial for successful trading.