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Step-by-step User Guide

Follow these steps to register your Everest Account before you can start trading.

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Users are highly encouraged to register via mobile number as all monetary transactions will be bound to this mobile number.

Please DO NOT register with both mobile number and email addresses as duplicate registrations will prevent users from joining our platform.

  1. Launch the Everest Gold App
  2. Register with mobile number
  3. Key in SMS OTP before it expires 
  4. Welcome on-board to Everest Gold! Proceed on to complete your KYC.

Being in the precious metals industry in Singapore, Everest Gold is required to comply with the Precious Stones and Precious Metals (Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) Act 2019.

Personal information is collected for the specified reasons below:

– To detect and prevent fraud in financial transactions to keep your account safe
– To execute the transfer of asset ownership during transactions
– To verify user identity during gold collection to prevent impersonation

Please be assured that all information and documents uploaded will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used for compliance purposes. Upon successful account verification, you will gain access to our deposit, trading, and withdrawal features.

Select the appropriate options and fill in all necessary fields.

Important: Please ensure that all details of your National ID are clear and readable from uploaded photos.
You can choose to take photos from the app or upload the photos from your album.

To prevent frauds in financial transactions and ensure the safety of your account, please link your bank account for verification purposes.
Note that you will only be able to add ONE bank account.

Please use this account to deposit funds. Withdrawals will also be deposited into the same registered account.

To make changes to your bank account details, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]


  1.  Go to “Profile” and tap “Bank Account Settings”
  2. Click on ‘Add Bank Account’

If you choose to take a photo, please take the printed copy of a bank statement or your passbook and include the following information:

          1) Full name and address
          2) Account type and number
          3) The full page of the statement with header and footer*

*You can hide or blur out any sensitive information such as your current balance and transactions, but it is important that you DO NOT CROP the document.

3.  Check your entries before submitting them.

4.  Key in the SMS Verification Code
5.  Process completed

Important: Please note that you will need to switch to your iBanking platform to carry out the fund transfer manually.

Once the transfer is completed, please return to the Everest Gold app to complete the process. Do follow the instructions closely.

    1. Under ‘My Funds’, tap on total cash assets
    2. Select ‘Deposit’
    3. Select ‘Xfers’
    4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit

    5. Key in the Verification Code
    6. Follow these steps closely
    7. Check your bank account details and note the deposit amount.

      Please prepare to switch to your iBanking platform to transfer funds to Xfers Pte Ltd (CIMB Bank Berhad – Account No: 2000593611)

      The EXACT amount must be transferred for a successful deposit. Do not tick the checkbox or click “Confirm” until the transfer has been made.

    8. Continue the fund transfer on your iBanking platform
    9. Please input your mobile number in the ‘Comments to Payee’ field
    10. Once the bank transfer is done, return to our app and confirm all details.

      Please tick the checkbox and continue only after you have completed the fund transfer via your iBanking.

    11. Process completed.

      Please contact our Customer Service Team if the funds have not been deposited after 1 working day.

Investing in gold on Everest Gold is that simple! All you need to do is to buy low and sell high to maximize your profits.

  1. Check the current market price. Select ‘Buy’
  2. Tap on ’Order Book’ to view current orders
  3. The upper section (RED) reflects the current list of EGU being sold.

    ‘Available to purchase’ reflects the amount of EGU you can buy with your current cash balance. 

    The percentage buttons allow quick selection of the amount of EGU you can buy with your current cash balance

  4. Confirm the buying price and amount of EGU. Click ‘Buy’ to complete process

  5. Process completed

  1. Check the current market price. Select ‘Sell’
  2. Click on ’Order Book’ to view current orders
  3. The lower section (Green) reflects the current list of EGU in demand

    ‘Available’ reflects the amount of EGU you have for sale
    The percentage buttons allow quick selection of the amount of EGU you have for sale

  4. Check the selling price and key in the amount of EGU you wish to sell. Click ‘Sell’ to complete process

  5. Process completed

Follow these simple steps to withdraw your funds!

    1. Under ‘My Funds’, tap on total cash assets
    2. Select ‘Withdraw’
    3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
    4. Confirm all details

    5. Key in the Verification Code
    6. Process Completed

Investing in gold online is way easier than you ever imagined

Start trading gold online with Everest Gold. It’s easy and convenient on our investment app. Enjoy control of your investments and save big when you buy and sell, with zero transaction fees.

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