EGU Weekly Digest | Overview of 10-day trade

The following is the daily gold price trend of Everest Gold (From July 22, 2020 until July 31, 2020).

Date(Day)Capital (US$)Revenue(US$)Investment Rate of Return
Jul 22 – Jul 311,282200+15.60%

Statistics have shown that if the user trades on our platform with a fixed amount of 2,000 EGU each time, the capital will be about US$1282 and the accumulated revenue will reach US$200 in 10 days. This means that the user has achieved a cumulative return on investment of up to 15.60%!

This profit margin is considered to be really impressive and it is also very consistent with the economic theory: the faster the capital turnover, the higher the profit! Our innovative business model has put an end to the history of traditional unprofitable aspect of gold in terms of public investment!

Everest Gold believes that gold trading should be made convenient and accessible to everyone.  Therefore, Everest Gold breaks away from the traditional model of gold trading by offering a solution which is user-friendly, quick turnaround time and more cost-effective than the usual trading system in the local trading market. Public investors are no longer prohibited due to the high threshold. They can trade quickly, make instant profits and cash out immediately!

Our APP is not only suitable for professional investors, but especially for public investors with less trading experience. Investors are advised to take large positions when gold prices are low, and can continue to buy EGU when the gold prices fall, or hold on to the EGU that they have already purchased until the gold prices rise and then cash out when the prices are at a higher position. The minimum trading volume on our platform is 0.01g worth of gold. Investors can start from a small amount of investment, and then increase according to their own budget. They can use their spare time to create considerable passive income step by step, without affecting their usual routine!

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