EGU Monthly Report | Overview of 20-day trade

The following is the daily gold price trend of Everest Gold (From July 22, 2020 until August 10, 2020).

Date(Day)Capital (US$)Revenue(US$)Investment Rate of Return
Jul 22 – Jul 311,282200+15.60%
Aug 1 – Aug 101358.20225+16.57%
Total:  20 daysTotal Capital: 1358.20Total Revenue: 425Total Investment Rate of Return:+31.30%

Statistics have shown that if the user trades on our platform with a fixed amount of 2,000 EGU each time, the capital will be approximately US$1358.20 and the accumulated revenue will increase to US$425 in 20 days. This means that the user has achieved a cumulative return on investment of up to 31.30%!

Of course, we might not be able to make a profit every single time by buying at the lowest price and selling at the highest price. Hence, we can discount the cumulative return by half and still achieve a 15% return in just 20 days. The investment rate of return is considerably high!

For example, if you had the same amount of money in the bank account, it would take you 365 days to earn US$300 (about S$411), based on a 12-month interest rate of 1.1%. This again proves that our innovative business model, has not only put an end to the history of traditional unprofitable aspect of gold in terms of public investment, but also enables all public investors to trade quickly, make instant profits and cash out immediately! Most importantly, there is no minimum initial transaction amount and no transaction fee, allowing every investor to start investing according to their own budget and use their spare time to create considerable passive income!

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