EGU Price Watch (31 July) | 2.06% Profit

As of July 31, 2020, at 9:30am, the value of EGU per unit at is US$0.6380. At 5pm, it has rose to US$0.6470. Users who have sold off their EGU at 5pm would have made a gain of 1.41%.

The price of the EGU has continued to decline, with each EGU priced at US$0.6300 as of 7pm. By 11:30pm, our EGU trading price has rebounded to US$0.6430. In the case where our users purchase 2000 EGU, they will be paying US$1260. And if they sell 2000 units at US$0.6430, they will be selling at US$1286. Instant profits of US$26 (US$1286 – US$1260) or 2.06% will be achieved.