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A complete guide on the best trading app Singapore

trading app
Trading is quite an experience itself. With the help of trading, you can be able to earn a good income. However, there are a lot of people who are looking for the best applications. That can offer them ideal respective services.

With the rise of online trading platforms, it is now easier than ever to buy and sell stocks in Singapore. Several mobile-friendly stock trading apps can help you do so.

Therefore, today we will be discussing more of those applications. Or about a detailed guide on the best trading apps in Singapore. That is most likely to offer ideal CFD trading in Singapore.

Best Trading Apps in Singapore

A complete guide on the best trading app Singapore

Since all our needs are different, there is not one stock trading app that is known to meet the needs of everyone. As it is not necessary that what works ideally for you. Will tend to work the same way for others as well.

Top Trading Apps in Singapore Reviewed

Below are some of the top trading app Singapore collection. These apps are trusted by many users and they have gained good results. You can read about them to decide better.

trading app Singapore

Moomoo application: One of best trading app Singapore

The first app that is present in the list of top trading app Singapore is named Moomoo. This is free of commission application that is ideal for stock available actively. Or for ETF and other various options. Moomoo is a user-friendly application that is readily available on users’ mobile phones.

Multi-stock market access is also enabled for the customers anytime they want. It has other additional features like real-time analysis and designs for trading to gain concepts.


  • It has very affordable or low fees for commission. Yes, unlike other apps for trading, Moomoo does not have high rates. Mainly, the policy for low fees is for countries like Singapore or Hong Kong.
  • No initial deposit. While using the Moomoo trading app, you do not have to worry about the initial deposit. Since you can open your account with a zero bank balance as well.
  • High-end research tools are available. With this aid, you can get better at Cfd trading Singapore.

IBKR Mobile application

This app is also named, Interactive broker. It is also among the top-rated and powerful trading applications. It offers quite a lot of access to various kinds of advanced securities.

Furthermore, the interactive broker is also embedded with modern APIs. That have believed to function well for developing the Cfd trading Singapore. It also offers various webinars and video tutorials that play a helping hand in trading.


  • No balance is required. You can start using this application without the need for any minimum balance. This is a good initiative for those who are new to trading or CFD trading in Singapore.
  • The fees for commission start at about the rate of 0.08%. Especially, for the traders that are based in Singapore.
  • Exposure to various markets. This trading application allows the exposure of up to or more than 135 markets in the trading sector.

So, all in all it is one of the best trading app Singapore.

SaxoTraderGO application

The SaxoTraderGO application allows the traders to access various instruments used for trading. They have a range of up to or more than 30,000 instruments used for trading.  It is surely one of the best trading apps in Singapore.


  • Easy to access. This can be a good option for those traders who are a newbie and have little exposure to the marketing world.
  • Cost-free demo. You can get a cost-free video tutorial that can help you with how the application works.
  • Comes with a variety of stock analysis tools. This makes it much easier for traders to make solid investment decisions.

Tiger trade application

Trading has never been easier until the tiger trading application. With the use of real-time stock analysis and fees reduced to half, it has everything a trader could ask for. This is a user-friendly application that enables traders to trade all around the world. Especially, from countries like Singapore, China, and the USA.


  • No fees for withdrawal. Here at Tiger trade application, there is nothing sort of hidden fees. That is also referred to as fees required for the maintenance of an account.
  • Comes with rewards each time you trade. This might seem extravagant but yes, traders do get bonus points when they trade via this app.
  • Limited resources but keeps only the best ones. Hence, it makes it easier to search through several options. That does not make it difficult for the traders. Especially, the ones that are not well experienced.
  • Good customer relationships and support. Hence, if you have any questions you can head to their customer services.

POEMS SG 2.0 application

The next trade application in Singapore that is considered ideal is known named as POEMS SG 2.0. This app has several opportunities for new investors. They provide at least 26 or more international stock markets.

POEMS SG 2.0 is also among the first locally available broker to offer several features.


  • It enables the trading of over 40,000 stocks either locally or on an international level as well. That is available on a single platform. So, you do not have to seek other places with this app.
  • Good technical services for the customers worldwide.
  • Keeps a track of stock markets. It can dictate to you the latest trends that rise now and then.
  • Several companies use it for checking multi-stock markets as well.

Tips to select the best trading app Singapore:

If you are still confused about making a decision follow the below tips.

  • You need to select the app which has audience trust
  • Apps that show good security to your information and data
  • You should go for the app with good UI
  • You should look to use the app which is upgrading regularly


Several other applications have countless benefits in terms of trading. They can be quite helpful in Cfd trading Singapore as well. Or for those who have a slight idea of how trading works. Hence, do not get confused and refer to the mentioned details about the best trading apps for Singapore stock markets.