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KE Trade Review

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Last Update03/05/2022

Singapore does have some award-winning trading platforms and KE Trade is one of them. KE Trade is a trading platform that is offered by Maybank Kim Eng Securities. This KE Trade review will include all the important facts and figures that you must know about. So, by the end of our KE Trade SG review, you will be able to tell if It brings good value for you or not.

What is KE Trade?

KE Trade is an investment banking arm of the Maybank that was started in 1972 making it one of the oldest trading platforms that have been this successful in the whole world. Taking a look at the assets, the Maybank is the 4th largest in the whole of Southeast Asia meaning that you will have no reliability issues whatsoever.

Choosing KE Trade allows you to trade in 11 different markets. More details about the trading options offered by KE Trade later in this review.

KE Trade securities Singapore

KE Trade research tools

One feature that sets KE Trade apart from most of the trading options available in the world is its variety of research tools. These tools are amazing in terms of forecasting events, identifying the best themes as well as inflexion points and it does all of this with good accuracy. Some offerings by KE Trade are:

Research reports

KE Trade provides detailed research reports across all different 11 markets. With this research, report analysis becomes easier, and you can have better and more reliable investment ideas.

Market insights

KE Trade provides market insights across different markets with the following things:

  • Stock research with up-to-date information
  • Current thematic analysis
  • Latest market moves

So, with these market insights, you can stay up-to-date with everything lately happening.

Growth Value Yield of Singapore

3 different curated stock lists are based on GVY(growth value yield) model for Singapore.

All the Trading options at KE Trade

With all of these options traders and investors can get better insights and ideas for trading and investing.

As mentioned above in this review, there are many trading options offered at KE Trade. Below is the list of some of them:

  • Stocks
  • CFDs
  • Forex
  • EFTs
  • Bonds
  • Fixed-income securities
  • DLCs
  • REITs and much more

The interesting thing about these options is that each one brings a specifically different experience for investing or trading options.

Key features at KE Trade

There are a lot of features and options at KE Trade that make it unique and a much better option in comparison to other available options. So, below are the details about some of its best features.

1. Quick Trade

Quick Trade is a feature that ensures that you have all the important things about a trade presented in front of you. So, when you need them, you can access them with a single glance. It also supports integrated trading with which you can close the trades with a single click without any issues.

Additionally, the single-page viewing option makes sure that the things apart from the trade you are focusing on are also present on one screen.

2. Account Management

Keeping track of different technicalities and managing accounts is very easy with KE Trade. With everything updated on a daily basis and you getting daily updates on different things from your portfolio account, you can manage every aspect of your account efficiently. To take things to the next level you can also export all the account/portfolio details as an Excel Sheet for critical analysis.

3. In-depth data

With the data it provides, it becomes easier to make informed decisions when investing or trading. The in-depth data at KE Trade includes all the things about the markets including trade summaries with times and sales. So, you can get actual transaction information and details about the market. Market depts and intraday charges can also present data charts in a better way for deeper observation.

4. Advanced analysis tools

KE Trade focuses a lot on analysis and there is a long list of analysis tools available here that you can try. There are trade idea tools and ideas generation tools that can provide automatic ideas about trades and investment options. Similarly, there are strategy builder tools, technical insight, and value analyzer. Using these tools strategically will increase the chances of profit for you.

Types of accounts you can open at KE Trade

One of the best things about KE Trade is that it brings a long list of account types so that you can easily choose the one that is best for you. Each account type comes with a different list of specifications and features. Here are all the different account types that you can open at KE Trade:

  • Cash account
  • CFD account
  • Margin Financing account
  • Prefunded account
  • Forex account

Coming towards the differences that you can experience; they mostly lie in the trading options and the minimum requirements. On the other hand, opening an account for a specific trading option means that you will not have to worry about the technicalities that come with other account types.

Pros and Cons of KE Trade


  • KE Trade brings a range of securities for its traders with 8 different online markets.
  • A very efficient user interface for streamlining the trading process
  • Stock screen and other tools bring good value
  • The mobile application makes trading on the go possible


  • The trading features are not standard across all options
  • The customer support is not top-notch at KE Trade

While everything comes with some unique features and there are benefits to it, there are some disadvantages as well. By knowing all the different aspects of KE Trade, you can choose in a better way if it is good for you or not.

Final Verdict

KE Trade brings good value for traders through its online trading platform. The ease brought to trading is the reason why it is very well known and has won several awards for. However, when you are selecting an online broker, it is always a good choice to check different options from all the available options. In this way, you can be able to make the best decision considering all the important factors.

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